Hiring Affiliate Marketers Today! Get $5 on us just for signing up!


My company, OnlyShopUSA, has activated 50 affiliate marketing positions affective yesterday and you can be one of them! Hurry though as spots are filling up quickly!


What is affiliate marketing with OnlyShopUSA?

Affiliate marketing is an arrangement between OnlyShopUSA and yourself by which you receive commission for all sales generated by your affiliate links for every customer for 365 days from when they click your link; the 365 days refreshes every time they click your link which means you get more time to make money from them!


How do I make money?

OnlyShopUSA offers each affiliate an initial rate of 10% Gross of every sale. This comes out between 25%-40% of my Net Profit that YOU get paid. When a potential customer clicks on your link, we cookie their IP for 365 days. This allows the customer to purchase something anytime within the next 365 days and you still get paid!


How often do I get paid?

OnlyShopUSA pays out after your affiliate account has reached $20 or more! This resets every time you get paid but $20 at 10% Gross Sales is really only a couple of purchases.


What’s the catch?

There’s no catch! This is a free program that I’m offering because I work full time at another job and don’t have the time needed to do the marketing myself.


How do I get started?

Easy. Go to and create an account. Once the account is created I will approve it and you’ll be on your way to making some extra cash! Don’t forget the FREE $5 you receive just for signing up!


I’ve signed up, now what?

Now that you have your affiliate account, start posting on social media and other outlets with your affiliate links! I’ve even included pre-made banners for you to use that will direct your customer straight to the products! It’s that easy! You can work on this like a full time job, which it can be, or you can just post stuff here and there as you wish.